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(One in an occassional series of "Infomins" from ESCS)

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"I spend 20% of my time on what I need to do and 80% putting out fires."

If you are like most buyers you have a hard time balancing your order actions with an incredible number of distractions and meetings, all of which seem urgent at the moment they inject themselves into your day.  What ever you do... do not answer -- I repeat -- do not ever answer the phone, unless you're expecting a call you want to take.  This doesn't mean that phone communication is bad, it just means you shouldn't let others control your time whenever they want to pick up the phone.  Execute the required tasks to meet your objectives, and then by all means use the phone to communicate your requirements to your suppliers.

If you are swift on the keyboard, shoot out a mail-merge to your various suppliers whose shipments are due and demand a written update on their open purchase orders.  Add a note to the bottom of most communications that your phone time is limited and their well-written description of a problem or issue will get the prompt response it deserves.  State that if you require a phone conversation to clarify an issue you will provide a window of time that they may reach you, and then do take their call. 

Try to set up a scheduled time to touch base with your core suppliers.  They want to better understand your company's needs and really don't need to know about your weekend or your kids.  Share with them any problematic issues you may have and ask them to follow up in an email if they can offer any suggestions as to how to address them.  If you need a break or just want to shoot the breeze, get up from your desk and offer to buy a fellow worker a cup of coffee.  If you have a supplier that loves to talk, let them know they seem to take a lot of your valuable time each time they call and at times it has caused you to not be prepared for your supervisor's requests, which may have a negative effect, "if you know what I mean..."  They will get the message!

PURCHASING BRIEF:  Filter, Focus, Finish On Time & Go Home

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