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Combat Counterfeits with ESCS's 60-second QPL Drill-down
ESCS Infomins This is one in an occassional series of "Infomins" provided by Electronic Supply Chain Solutions.  Infomins are easily digestible bits of information useful for electronic component procurement professionals.

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If you source JANTX parts , you know delivery can be as long as 84 weeks or more through your franchise distributor for parts with limited availability, leaving you subject to the perils of the broker market for an earlier delivery.

No one can be expected to know what manufacturers were QPL'd for a device on a given date code.  One way to combat counterfeits is to do the QPL drill-down to ensure a part quoted to you is authentic, before you issue a P.O.  Some may find it extremely difficult to navigate the DSCC maze to confirm the information provided by a broker; but it can be done quite easily.

Try the following example to see how you can quickly confirm a valid manufacturer and date code:

Assume you have a broker who has quoted a 2N6798 DC0314 from Harris Semiconductor.

Step #1
: Go to ESCS's Click-N-Go Launch Pad at www.ESCS9120.com.
Step #2: Click on the "DSCC" link at 12 O-Clock.

ESCS Click-n-Go Launch Pad

Step #3: Click the "QPL-QML" link in the lower-left corner of the DSCC Dashboard:

ESCS DSCC Dashboard

You have now accessed the DSCC Qualifications Listing:

ESCS DSCC Dashboard

Step #4: Scroll down and click on the link to MIL-PRF-19500 for 5961 Semiconductor Devices:


Step #5: You're now at the MIL-PRF-19500 Qualification Information page.
Since the quoted date code was "0314", scroll down to the revision document applicable for that date, and click the link:

DSCC QML document

Step #6: You're done!  You've reached the data you need.  Scroll down to your part #, 2N6798.

DSCC QML document

In less than 60-seconds, you've confirmed that the "Harris Semiconductor" part offered can't be authentic...
since only International Rectifier was QPL'd for that date code!

P.S.:  If you click on the QPL-19500-137 for Sep '96, you will find that Siliconix, Harris and IR were all once QPL'd for this device - but not for DC0413.

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